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  • √ Specification : Top length: 3.9"(10cm); Bottom length: 5.5"(14cm); Height: 3"(7.5cm); Weight: 1.94lbs(880g); Voltage: 110V; US Plug; Watts: 500W; Up to 570 degrees; 5 gears for temperature control ,cooktop can switch on and off for 300,000 times without failure.
  • √ Portable Design : Portable design, reassuring use design for easy storage, an essential home appliance in your home. When the mini stove is not in use, just put it in your kitchen cabinet.
  • √ Environmental Friendly : Thanks to the different heating mechanism with induction cooker, there is no radiation leakage from our cooktop. It minimizes stove from emitting carbon monoxide which is very harmful to human and environment.
  • √ Even Heating : 3.94" cooking plate. 500 Watts of power for faster cooking. Always use flat-bottomed saucepans/containers which make good contact with the cooking plates.
  • √ Wide Application : The temperature can be controlled at will, and it is suitable for the soup and the porridge. It is also suitable for hot pot, which is the same function as the induction cooker, the temperature can be as high as 537°, please use high temperature resistant utensils.